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Thu, Dec. 2nd, 2004, 12:39 am
alex_lebeau: Jupiter's Story

    Hello, my loyal minions - all one of you, including the one with the varicose.  Since I'm too absorbed in reading Spuffy goodness, here's a bit of Jupiter's story I've started.

            “Ara ara, it’s so beautiful here!”  Jupiter beamed into the sky, briskly rubbing her arms.   And it was indeed beautiful; the frigid beauty of the northern climate, where the sky was blue and perfect, and the air was crisp and clear.   Still, it was a bit cold, even with her protective magic.  “So, where are we, Alex-chan?”

            “It’s too clean for America.   I’d hazard a guess, and say Canada, land of the undomesticated hockey fans, and rabid Francophiles.   Visited Quebec once, actually,” she added musingly.   “It was quite fun to listen to them call me names they didn’t think I understood.”

            The tall brunette laughed, turning ‘round in the soft grass.   Nephrite’s Kage stone had brought them to a small open area within a midst of tall pine trees, most of them soaring almost twenty metres over her head.   The smell of greenery was redolent, and she inhaled greedily, glad for the clean scent after the polluted air of Tokyo.   Then she spotted the sign, brows wrinkling in consternation as she tried mouthing the unfamiliar words.   She knew she should have paid closer attention in English class… “Alex-chan?”

            Oui, p’tite?  You find something?”  the tall red-head queried, off to her left.   Jupiter looked around beseechingly, but being unable to see her roommate and mentor was putting her off.   They needed to mark her with a hatimaki or something.   “Stop staring at my breasts, you lech.”

            Gome—“ she began to apologize, blushing wildly; then stopped, as she heard the snickering.   “Alex-chan, you’re cruel!  You know I can’t see you!  Mou!”   Folding her arms, the tall brunette scowled.   “I think you enjoy this too much.”

            Now she heard a snort, and an audible rustle of grass, probably for her benefit, as Alex moved closer.  “Oh, yes, I absolutely love walking around as invisible as a ghost.  I can do this well enough on my own without the magic.”   More rustling; Jupiter ran her eyes over the ground, spotting the tell-tale folding of the grass to mark where her mentor was walking.   “Ah, this sign.  Says we’re standing in the Marine National Park of Canada, part of the National Parks listing, Parks Canada Agency.   In English and en Français.   Also some telephone numbers and park hours.  Oh, and that we’re also currently standing on the shores of Marine Lake.”

            “Are we here at the proper hour?”  

            “I don’t think so.   My watch is set for Tokyo time, still.   Plus, I can’t see it.” 

            Jupiter looked up into the sky, oak green marking the streaks of colour in the sky; oranges, pinks, soft shades of red and yellow.   The sun was beginning to set.   They had the option of wandering through the woods at night, in the dark, which she felt would be a rather futile gesture; or they could set up a quick camp, and wait until sunrise.   She stamped a foot experimentally on the ground, a bit disheartened by the hardness, but considered it flat enough for one night’s sleep.   “I think it’s too late to try searching for the Hi stone.  And, I’m hungry!  I’ve had a tough day of fighting the enemy.   Let’s make a camp and search tomorrow, ne?”

            “Sounds fine to me.  I don’t think I’ll be sleeping anyway.”

            So they spent the next hour of remaining daylight making a rough camp.   Cutting down some pine branches with the Kage stone – which, Alex argued, wasn’t going to stop working just because they used it as a knife, and it was indeed sharp enough – they made a small, springy bed for Jupiter and started a fire.   The old-fashioned way, unfortunately, as they found out that Alex couldn’t summon her pyrokinetic abilities to make one.

            Then they spent half an hour fishing, which was more fun than they expected, mostly because they kept pushing each other into the ice-cold water, and generally acting like idiots.  Scared away most of the fish in the process, which meant Jupiter was ecstatic when she managed to catch a medium-sized trout with her hands – seeing as they had no fishing line, all she had planned to do was use her soldier’s speed to grab one.   She was actually quite surprised that it had worked.

            The Kage stone was put to use again to cut out the gills and inner bits, scales scraped off, and it went over the fire to cook.   “It’s just too bad we have no seasonings,” the tall brunette lamented for the second time as she turned the spit.   She had snuggled comfortably into her pine branches, and though they pricked at her, she was actually quite cozy.

            She watched as the rough stone was turned around in the air, as Alex examined it in the firelight.   “Be thankful we even got the fire started.    I’m still not pleased about that.”