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Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005, 03:59 am

       Aria's is done up to Act 25, after I've finally figured out an easier way to format.   Yes, it's the old standby: "Find/Replace."   So much easier than finding each and every damn word I need to put in italics.   
       In other news, I've also begun to post at SMFanfiction.net, which will surprise no one in gifting me with any damned reviews.  Well.  One.  By one of the bloody moderators.    Since it works with efiction, I can format at Aria, copy the raw, and put it right into theirs.   Everything is nice and easy.   Oh.  Also put up the short stories at Sailormoonfiction.com's Open Archive, seeing as I can't post PS, it being an evil crossover-that-isn't-really-much-of-one-at-all.    And I put them up at fanfiction.net, because I was entirely fucking bored one night, and wanted a laugh.   Do I rue the day, yes I do...